Commercial Division

ODC's Commercial Division is engaged in estensive International trading operations, involving a wide variety of products and services. Its operations are diversified across various sectors, including commercial and business aviation, communications, agriculture, industrial machinery, electronics, mapping and survey, manufactured domestic goods & consumables and renewable energy.

ODC acts as distributor and importer of some of the world-known companies in electronics, construction, renewable energy and agricultural products. In Turkey, ODC also possesses a network of dealer and service stations spread around the country, therebey providing an immediate in-county access for commercial product manufacturers.

ODC also acts as country distributor of certain household goods, notably food disposers. In agricultural sector, ODC markets and sells various types of agricultural machinery to government institutions.

Highly qualified marketing and contractual management personnel operate from each of ODC's offices which are strategically located around the world. ODC therefore has the facilities and human resources to manage diversified projects, ranging from relatively small procurements to major programs involving joint ventures, local production and distribution, etc. ODC can also draw upon a worldwide network of associates and suppliers when required.

Specialty Metals Division

Originally, ODC's Electrical Steel Division's primary business area has been the purchase and distribution of alloy steel products. For more than 50 years, the company has been a leading importer and exporter at a global scale of Grain Oriented and Non Oriented electrical (silicon) steel. With leading U.S. and overseas steel mills among its principal suppliers, ODC has established a reputation for integrity and reliability throughout the world.

ODC has significant working relationships with many of the world's largest manufacturers of electrical (silicon) steel products. ODC's primary warehouses are located in Johannesburg, Mexico city, Antwerp and Baltimore. In addition for most fully-processed CRGO and CRNGO steels, ODC maintains local offices and JIT warehouses in those markets where ODC has access to processing such as slitting and shearing.

In addition to its own offices in the United States and overseas, ODC has a network of associates and affiliates throughout Europe, Middle East, S.W. Asia, Far East and South America. ODC's specialized staff is expert in meeting customer requirements, either from its own extensive inventory stocks or from established and reputable suppliers.

Because of large volume procurement, ODC receives mill excess materials and seconds at attractive prices and also obtains quantity discounts, which are reflected in favorable prices to its customers. Where required, ODC will provide financing or coordinate funding arrangements with external sources. ODC also enjoys special freight rates with certain carriers as high volume shippers. Potential buyers are invited to inspect the materials at ODC's warehouses.

Construction Division

In construction sector, ODC takes prime contractor position in real estate development projects such as office buildings, shopping malls and large scale residential projects. This activity line was initiated in 1987, and its first assignment was the construction of ODC's previous Turkish headquarters building in Ankara. Besides this 2,000 sq.m. building, ODC also completed a 8,000 sqm shopping center in Ankara. In Istanbul, construction of a housing project, consisting of 34 steel-framed, earthquake-resistant villas has been launched more recently.

In addition to conventional structural methods, ODC's construction division is engaged in supplying materials and building steel-framed commercial and residential structures. This activity line was launched two years before Turkey's catastrophic earthquake of August 1999, and since then, ODC has acquired distributorship rights for Clark Steel Frame Structures.

Steel frame works are llightweight, but extremely strong. They are fireproof; overall they assure the highest levels of structural safety, and are designed to withstand the most punishing weather conditions. ODC strongly believes in the advantages of steel frame houses for the residential areas threatened by earthquakes Omerli Park Web Site.

Defense Division

In seeking potential overseas program opportunities against the background of ever-changing geo-political and economic circumstances, defense and aerospace manufacturers vying to expand overseas are finding the market place to be increasingly competitive. It is experience of most companies that an effective in-country presence is essential in order to keep abreast of changing national policies and to respond to evolving defense requirements.

It is against this background that Defense Division of ODC specializes in assisting companies in establishing or consolidating their international business ventures in many countries around the world. ODC currently represents leading defense contractors from U.S. and elsewhere in the world, supplying most categories of military hardware, aircraft and systems, avionics, electronics and communications equipment for military applications. During the last decade, total value of defense projects awarded to companies represented by ODC is well over US$ 1 billion in Turkey alone.

ODC Defense Division's marketing, sales, and country-specific technical guidance provide client companies with major advantage from the initial inquiry and RFP stage through contract award and after-sales support. Likewise, joint venture arrangements have become increasingly important in many overseas programs, particularly those involving the acquisition of major items. In this sense, ODC is providing expert advise on such key aspects as co-production, technology transfer, offsets, and investment and financing arrangements where and when required.

Defense Division's personnel comprise ex-senior military officers, as well as former procurement and defense industry executives with civilian backgrounds. Their combined experience and insights of the prevailing market conditions are passed on to ODC's customers, and provide the latter with full command and understanding of end-users' requirements and expectations. ODC is therefore ideally suited to act as the catalyst between Government (customer) agencies, local industry, and supplier companies, in coordinating programs ranging from direct sales to complex collaborative production schemes.

The hallmarks of ODC's services are : experience, capability, efficiency and an impeccable business reputation acquired over the last four decades.

Renewable Energy Division

Starting from 2005, ODC initiated a new line of business in Turkey: Renewable Energy. Turkey is a country lacking fossil fuel resources of its own, but potentially rich in agriculture-based means of renewable energy. Taking advantage of this fact, ODC was active in production and sale of bio-diesel, produced from agricultural crops such as canola, soya beans, sunflower, and so on.

ODC also established a network of 400 farmers to produce canola on contract basis between 2006-2008.

ODC currently continues its involvement with renewable energy in the field of solar energy. In addition to small scale solar energy projects including solar powered water pumping from deep wells, water purification and irrigation, ODC also works or 500 kw to 2 mg solar power platns.

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