Stamford, CT, USA Headquarters
+ 1 (203) 964-0111
Established in 1956
USA Headquarters
+ 1 (203) 964-0111
Established in 1956

Construction Division

In the construction sector, ODC takes a prime contractor position in real estate development projects such as office buildings, shopping malls and large-scale residential projects. This activity line was initiated in 1997, and its first assignment was the construction of ODC’s Turkish headquarters building in Ankara. This building has a 2,000 sqm construction area was completed in 1999.

Following the ODC Office Building, ODC Construction Division took upon a major project to construct a neighborhood scale Shopping Mall. This 9,000 sqm shopping mall, named ODC Center, was completed in 2001.

The mission of ODC Construction Division ODC was established from start that each construction project shall introduce new technologies and products to the Turkish market. Given the earthquake-prone geography of Turkey, ODC decided to build light steel-framed earthquake resistant single-family houses in Omerli – Istanbul.

ODC developed and implemented two real-estate development projects consist-ing of thirty-four and twelve single-family houses, respectively, on 55,000 square meters of land. Construction of about 8,000 square meter housing area was completed in 2007 and all sold in 2008.

In 2010, ODC decided to make contribution to historical building stock of Istanbul and purchased about two centuries old wooden house classified as First-Grade Historical Building whose restoration required to be completed original construction technology archi­tectural design.

Restoration of 500 sqm building was completed in 2014 and highly praised for the quality of work done.

ODC worked on a warehouse and service center construction project in Izmir-Turkey. Its location is at the crossroads of major highways, seaports, and airport in Aliaga Organized Industrial District. The facility was built on a 10,000 sqm land with about 7,000 sqm covered space and fitted with cranes and coil/pallet handling machinery.