Stamford, CT, USA Headquarters
+ 1 (203) 964-0111
Established in 1956
USA Headquarters
+ 1 (203) 964-0111
Established in 1956

ODC Services

In addition to activities in business sectors of interest, ODC also provides various services to its clients in these sectors, including local support, after sale support, market surveys, consulting services, and financing.

Local Support:

As dictated by territorial conditions, ODC offers a variety of services around the world including technical and marketing assistance, JIT warehousing, and service center activities including slitting and core manufacturing.

After Sale Support:

ODC’s services do not end with a sale. ODC is committed to provide after sale support to its clients and customers in logistics, custom clearance, maintenance and repair, and other assistance needed for successful completion of projects.

Market Surveys:

ODC provides in depth inter­national market surveys in its fields of interest identifying and assessing realistic business oppor-tunities for its clients ahead of competition.

Consultancy Services:

ODC offers its clients consultancy services and assistance in proposal presentation, contract administration, program management, training programs, technology transfer, co-production and offset planing and implementation through sound understanding of customer requirements, funding provisions and local procurement rules and regulations.


ODC will finance or coordinate funding from local and external sources when financing is required.

ODC’s international experience and vast network coupled with its commitment to its clients are the hallmark of ODC’s reputation in every business ODC gets involved in and around the world.