Stamford, CT, USA Headquarters
+ 1 (203) 964-0111
Established in 1956
USA Headquarters
+ 1 (203) 964-0111
Established in 1956

Specialty Metals Division

Trading in specialty metals, notably in electrical steel, has been ODC’s primary business for over 60 years now. ODC purchases electrical steel products from major mills in five continents and distributes them to customers all around the world.

Since the establishment, ODC has been a leading importer and exporter at a global scale of Grain Oriented (CRGO) and Non-Oriented (CRNGO) electrical (silicon) steel. With leading U.S. and overseas steel mills among its principal suppliers, ODC has established a reputation for integrity and reliability throughout the world. All products packed with mill test certificates.

ODC offices in various countries provide daily support to customers in all aspects of sales and after-sale support including slitting, shearing, lamination, and core manufacturing.

• Baltimore – USA
• Johannesburg – South Africa
• Istanbul – Turkey

Based on this extensive network throughout the world commodity markets, ODC has significantly developed a wide range of products traded, to become a major player in the electrical engineering industries. ODC in South Africa is the prominent supplier of materials and components to the transformer manufacturing market sector in that country. Its 5,000 sqm warehouse facility in Johannesburg also has manufacturing capabilities including a 1,100 mm wide slitting line for electrical steel and non-ferrous materials, CNC plasma cutting, and robotic welding machines.

Products manufactured include slit materials and stainless steel permanent cathodes for electrowinning copper plants.

In addition to its own offices and facilities in the United States and overseas, ODC has a network of associates and affiliates in many countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Far East, and South America, most notably in Egypt and Brazil.

ODC’s specialized staff are experts in meeting customer requirements, either from its own extensive inventory stocks or directly from established and reputable suppliers. This combination allows ODC to deliver products to customers when they need them.

Because of large volume procurement, ODC receives attractive prices and obtains quantity discounts which are reflected in favorable prices to its customers. Where required, ODC will provide financing or coordinate funding arrangements with external sources. ODC also enjoys special freight rates with certain carriers as high volume shippers. Potential buyers are invited to inspect the materials at ODC’s warehouses.


Prime Grade Grain Oriented Electrical (silicon) Steel Coils and Strips:
• M-2 0.18mm (0,007″)
• M-3 0.23mm (0,009″)
• M-4 0.27mm (0,011″)
• M-5 0.30mm (0,012″)
• M-6 0.35mm (0,014″)
• Regular Grades (can be annealed)
M- 2, M-3, M-4, M-5, M-6
• MoH, H-bi Grades (can be annealed)
TCH HO-C, H1-C, H2 – C / MoH30, MoH27, MoH23
• Laser Grades (cannot be annealed)
TCH HO-DR, H 1-DR and all standard Laser Grades

Non Grain Oriented Electrical (silicon) Steel Coils and Strips:
• Grades: M190 to M800 (M-19 to M-47)
• Thickness: 0.35, 0.50 and 0.65mm (0.14″, 0.20″ and 0.25″)
• Width: 1,000 – 1,250 mm (40″- 48″)

Transformer and Motor Core Lamination:
• E&l lamination to international specifications
• Motor and Generator Lamination
• Toroid Cores
• Cut core lamination

Transformer Cores:
• Cores for Distribution Transformer
50 KVA up to 10 MVA – Step-Lap
• Cores for Power Transformer
10 MVA up to 1000 MVA – Step-Lap
• Unicore / Jencore
• Dry and Specialty Transformers
• Cut Core Lamination and/or Complete Cores
• Reactor Cores
• Custom-built special

Products for Transformers:
• Enamelled Copper Wire
• Copper Coils, Strips and Bar
• Enamelled Aluminum Wires
• Aluminum Coils and Strips and Bar
• Rectangular / Flat Copper and Aluminum
• CTC Copper and Aluminum
• Pressboard 0,50 mm up to 8 mm
• Insulation Materials
• Radiator, Tank and Corrugated Wall
• Tap Changer, Bushing, Post Insulator
• And more …